A MacBook Air with a Mini-LED screen from next year?

Apple should generalize the mini-LED display on many products, by offering it on some tablets but also on its future MacBook Air.

We have been waiting for these famous mini-LED panels on Apple products for several years now, and we were finally able to have an example in 2021 on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This LCD screen technology allows in particular better brightness and better contrast, and limits the effects of halo around certain white objects.

If we expect this type of screen in the future MacBook Pro M1X, other Apple products should also be eligible in the coming months. Some corridor noises evoke in particular the arrival of a mini-LED screen on the future iPad mini, and according to a new revelation from Ming Chi Kuo, the next MacBook Air should also have it.

Launch in 2022

The star analyst on Apple estimates that this new machine would see the light of day next year, with a launch occurring in mid-2022. This MacBook Air should benefit from a new generation of Apple Silicon M2 chip, as well as a completely new design. Apple would take the opportunity to introduce a mini-LED panel, intended to be generalized subsequently to most of the brand’s portable machines. According to Kuo, however, this screen would retain the same diagonal as the current model, a 13.3-inch screen.

For now, it is still necessary to take this rumor with the usual tweezers. The production of mini-LED panels does indeed seem to be slowing down due to the shortage of components. Additionally, the latest MacBook Air M1 launched late last year. Its renewal can therefore wait a little longer, especially as other machines are expected at the turn with an Apple Silicon chip, such as the MacBook Pro, a new more muscular Mac mini, the iMac Pro or the Mac Pro.

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