Alphabet launches new company to develop software for industrial robots

Intrinsic is the new proposal from Alphabet. It is a robotics and artificial intelligence startup that wants to make the industrial robots of the future more efficient and economical.

In this first stage, the Intrinsic team will work with partners from the electronics, automotive and healthcare industries to create solutions that can be applied to real work situations.

New Alphabet company dedicated to software for industrial robotics

Intrinsic is the new company launched by Alphabet, which aims to develop software for industrial robots. The goal is for robots to be smarter, more functional and less expensive, as mentioned by Wendy Tan Wendy Tan White, CEO of the company:

We are developing software tools designed to make industrial robots (which are used to do everything from solar panels to cars) easier to use, less expensive and more flexible, so that more people can use them to create new products, businesses and services.

This new company arises from X Development. So after years of being part of that research division of Google, and developing its technology, it becomes independent to function as a new company:

Working collaboratively with teams at Alphabet and with our partners in real-world manufacturing environments, we have been testing software that uses techniques such as automated perception, deep learning, reinforcement learning, motion planning, simulation, and force control.

So in this new bet we will see the full potential of Alphabet’s artificial intelligence and technology applied to the robotic, but from the software. As mentioned in the statement, in this new stage as an independent company they are looking for partners in different industries among companies that are already working with industrial robots, and want to be part of this new project.

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