Google creates new tool to combat DDoS attacks

Once launched, DDoS attacks can be highly destructive to the systems on which they operate. That is why in an attempt to prevent this type of attack, Google released a preview of what will be the Adaptive Cloud Armor Protection. It is a method developed from machine learning and that would be used to ddetect and protect business applications and services of layer 7 DDoS cyber attacks.

It is worth mentioning that this adaptive protection proposed by Google for Cloud Armor is the same one implemented in Project Shield, a free service offered by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, which offers digital protection against DDoS attacks to human rights organizations, as well as government entities and the media.

In the past, Google has managed to neutralize DDoS attacks, being one of the largest in 2017 where 2.56 TBPS was recorded. It was later found that Beijing offered support to the attacker to carry out this attack.

Regarding the adaptive protection technology implemented in Cloud Armor, it makes use of machine learning models to carry out the analysis of the signals generated by web services in order to capture any possible DDoS attack.

Also, this Google defense mechanism for Cloud Armor is capable of detecting large-scale DDoS attacks that are aimed at destabilizing web applications and services. Also, this tool accelerates mitigation and recognizes when it occurs abnormal traffic on the platform of a web service.

Google Cloud Armor Product Director Emil Kiner pointed out that all existing customers of this service will have the opportunity to test the benefits of this tool while it is in the preview period.

Also, Kiner delved into the functions carried out by adaptive protection explaining that it quickly identify and analyze suspicious traffic patterns. Once the attack is detected, the tool activates a custom rules protocol that when they go into action they neutralize DDoS attacks in almost real time.

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