In Malaysia, illegal crypto mining PCs are crushed

Malaysia has found a definitive solution to getting rid of computer systems that illegally mine cryptocurrencies: steamroll them.

Numerous police forces all over the world are organizing raids to get their hands on illegal cryptocurrency mining farms. This was recently the case in Ukraine, where the country’s security services came across a warehouse full of PS4 Pro : the energy needed for the mining process was taken from the Ukrainian energy grid, illegally, at the risk of causing power cuts in nearby towns.

$ 2 million in stolen electricity

Malaysian police are also investigating similar types of operations. In a town in the province of Sarawak, authorities got their hands on 1,069 PCs that were spending their time mining crypto. According to local press, it is the result of six raids carried out between the months of February and April.

Sarawak Energy Berhad, the company responsible for distributing electricity in the province, accuses operators of stealing $ 2 million worth of energy. To give an example, the police decided to crush under a steamroller this thousand PCs, the cost of which is estimated at 1.26 million dollars.

What cool the enthusiasm of the miners, hope the authorities: the police chief Hakemal Hawari explained that the theft of electricity for cryptocurrency mining operations has been more and more common since the beginning of the year. There were also three house fires where illegal connections to the electricity network had been made.

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