Khalid’s latest music video is a technological dream

Between autonomous cars, connected homes and delivery drones, Khalid’s latest clip is a paradise for lovers of new technologies.

the clip de « New Normal », Khalid’s new track (whose new album is expected soon), is Silicon Valley’s dream. The video is indeed full of new technologies, such as autonomous cars, delivery drones, home automation devices …

The optimistic fusion of city and technology

This still utopian future does not stop with connected gadgets, since we also see the realization of what a “green” city would look like with its buildings with hanging gardens and apartments full of plants equipped with a autonomous watering.

The clip shows a future where cities and townspeople have made peace with technology. It’s nice to see such a representation, far removed from the usual fears aroused by digital innovations. Of course, the clip does not escape publicity: the autonomous vehicles are Zoox robotaxis. Moreover, we only see these shuttles in the clip, where there are no other brands of cars.

A PlayStation 5 makes a cameo, which also seems to control the apartment’s automatic watering system. The payment startup Chime is also entitled to its passage, Khalid validating a payment from a connected panel in the colors of the start-up. The last shot, on which we can see a billboard for a space flight, is not sponsored by Blue Origin, nor by SpaceX or Virgin Galactic. A missed opportunity …

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