Now you can edit a presentation from Google Chat

Google Chat makes it easy to work with presentations for team editing.

It will no longer be necessary to switch to the Presentations application to edit the slides, but can do so directly from the Chat interface.

Google Chat makes teamwork easier

Google Chat It is one of the tools that work teams have to communicate with each other and share content from Google Drive, and it can also be used from the Gmail interface. So it not only has the option of direct messages and chat rooms for the teams, but also has a space for viewing and exchanging files.

And to further facilitate this dynamic, Google is adding a new possibility to the teams that work with this tool. As mentioned by the Google team, it will now be possible to view and edit Presentation slides without leaving Chat, as you see in the image above.

So if any of your team shares a presentation In Google Chat, you will have the possibility to open it directly in the interface to view it in details or edit it with the rest of the group. And no, you will not have to resort to weird tricks, since the presentation with all the slides and functions to edit it will open in parallel, just as if you opened it in Google Drive.

In this way, you will save yourself having to deal with two open applications so as not to lose the chat, and at the same time, participate in the editing of the presentation. You can control the two actions from the same browser tab. Of course, this dynamic does not override the ability to open the slides directly in Presentations. So if that possibility is more comfortable for you, it will only be necessary to click on the blue link.

But if you want to edit the presentation from the same Google Chat interface, occupying the entire Gmail screen, you just have to click on the thumbnail image of the preview. Simple and practical. This feature is available for G Suite Basic, Business, and Google Workspace.

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