The Mitchells Against the Machines is officially a success

Sony Pictures’ new film, The Mitchells Against the Machines, is breaking all records on Netflix. According to the platform, it quickly established itself as the biggest animation success in its history.

It is a transaction that pays big to Netflix. First promised for a theatrical release, the latest animated film from Sony Pictures The Mitchells against the machines was finally released on the SVOD platform. The sci-fi epic from the creators of Spider-Man : New Generation seems to have met its audience according to the Red N, which has just shared some audience figures. In just 28 days, the feature film was viewed by no less than 53 million households. A record for the platform whose previous great success in the field of animation was Journey to the Moon (38 million) as well as The Willoughby Family.

Tyler Rake stays in the lead

As for the actual shooting, nothing changes. Tyler Rake with Chris Hemsworth remains number 1 with 99 million ahead Bird Box (89 million) as well as Army of the Dead and its 75 million spectators. For its part, the film with Kevin Hart, Fatherhood, has been viewed more than 74 million times in these first 28 days on the platform.

As for the series, Netflix remains for the moment quite discreet on the audiences of its original productions. It should come as no surprise, however, to find Lupine, who is a hit on both sides of the globe.

It remains to be seen whether Netflix or Sony Pictures will offer a sequel to Mitchell vs. the Machines. So far, nothing has been announced in this direction, but given the success it has had, nothing is impossible.

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