For the boss of Twitter, bitcoin is strategic for the future of the social network

Jack Dorsey, creator and boss of Twitter and Square, has never hid from loving bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And for him, there is no doubt that bitcoin is going to play a big role in the future of Twitter.

There is nothing more important to Jack Dorsey than working on bitcoin, as he regularly states. In front of investors, the boss of Twitter announced that cryptocurrency was one of the three main key trends for the social network, along with artificial intelligence and decentralization.

The global internet currency

Bitcoin, which reminds him ” the early days of the internet “, Should help Twitter to accelerate its expansion, continues Dorsey. ” If the internet had a native currency, a global currency, we could go much faster with functions like Super Follows, subscriptions or the tip system », He described. ” We could speak to every person on the planet [grâce au bitcoin], rather than adopting a market-by-market approach ».

Twitter is not the only social network with a keen interest in cryptocurrencies. Facebook is also trying to make a name for itself with the Diem, but the regulatory authorities are slowing down. ” There is a clear need for this “, Said Jack Dorsey. ” And I think an open standard that is native to the internet is the right way to go ».

This fascination with bitcoin is especially felt at Square, the businessman’s other company. The payment platform has entered the decentralized financial services sector, and blockchain technology will also be used to help Tidal (Square holds the majority stake). The company also bought $ 50 million worth of bitcoin last year, which was worth $ 253 million in February.

The creator of Twitter also invested 23.6 million in a bitcoin fund with Jay Z, who remained at the head of Tidal.

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