Intego: the benchmark antivirus for Mac is on sale, and not just a little (-65%) 🔥

No more hacking worries with this Intego antivirus pack. The great Mac cybersecurity expert is on sale.

Computer risks don’t just affect Windows computers. Macs can also be susceptible to external threats, and Apple confirmed this again a few weeks ago. To avoid the latter, it is advised to take a good antivirus. Intego is among the market specialists if you have a device running macOS.

The company has long relied solely on a solution dedicated to macOS. If since last June, it also has a Windows version, it has run for more than 20 years just with an antivirus for Mac. These are all the specificities of Macs that have been taken into account, it is much more complete than an antivirus that would have been imagined natively on Windows and then adapted to macOS. As a bonus, Intego is giving big discounts this weekend.

To see Intego offers, it’s here:

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In addition to the antivirus, Intego has also designed a more complete solution to ensure the security of your computer. In the Mac Premium Bundle X9, we obviously find its famous antivirus for Mac. In addition, it also includes a firewall (which prevents hacking on shared networks), a cleaner for Mac, a backup solution and a parental control service. In short, everything is sold at a ridiculous price at the moment.

This Intego pack currently shows a price drop to 34.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros (for one license and one year). There is also a subscription for 2 years, its price is even cheaper proportionally. The company also offers licenses to protect multiple Mac computers, which also helps bring down the price.

If you want to go only on the antivirus for Mac, this is also possible at Intego. This offer is also at a reduced price: 19.99 euros per year, instead of 49.99 euros. The full pack is only 15 euros more expensive each year, we would tend to recommend it to you. This is the best way to protect your Mac from all risks.

The bundle put forward by Intego is easy to use and practical. Once installed, it won’t bother you when it’s up and running (no slowing down), you won’t get notifications when you’re working. A dashboard gives you access to all the useful information at a glance for an efficient and discreet experience at the same time.

To see the discounts at Intego, it’s here:

See Intego antivirus

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