LiveControl: a video production studio powered by artificial intelligence

While it has become very easy to find your audience thanks to the many video streaming platforms, the production of events (that is to say the filming itself and the live editing) is still complex. This is where LiveControl and its artificial intelligence come in.

Filming a concert, a music video, even a wedding to broadcast on YouTube and elsewhere is not that easy. Streamers can be content with just one or two cameras around their PC, but when the event requires filming more than one person, it immediately becomes very complex: you need several cameras, several operators, an editor, a producer…

An economical solution for capturing events

If we are not talking about a Hollywood shoot, the fact remains that capturing an event for a real-time broadcast requires a seasoned professional team, which generates significant costs. LiveControl proposes to reduce the production budget with its kit comprising a box and motorized cameras which film in 4K and which have a x35 optical zoom.

The installation of the equipment, which can be done by the customer, is hardly complicated. During the event, a human operator takes control remotely, he takes care of the live editing and video broadcasting on the platform of his choice.

To make his decisions, the producer is helped by the artificial intelligence developed by LiveControl, which allows the cameras to follow the movements of people and objects. The system suggests viewing angles and zooms, which it considers to be the most interesting. But at the end of the day, it’s the people behind the machine who make the decisions.

Prices start at $ 149 for the production of one event per week.

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