Oculus wants to integrate reality into its virtual reality experiences

Oculus is not all about virtual reality. More and more, the Facebook subsidiary is seeking to integrate its technologies with the real world, and a new API makes it possible to take into account the user’s environment.

Oculus this week launched a new programming interface, Passthrough API Experimental, which enables content creators to develop and test mixed reality experiences for virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

The real comes into the virtual

With this software, which works with the Oculus Quest 2, the user can see his real environment thanks to the cameras of the helmet, while interacting with virtual reality tools. It thus becomes possible to draw on the living room wall, to apply filters in the viewing space, and more generally to exploit its environment so that it becomes an integral part of the AR / VR experience.

It should be warned, however, that these demos will not be immediately available for ordinary Oculus Quest 2 users. As its name suggests, the API is still experimental, but it already gives a good idea of ​​what the developers will be able to do. build all around. Future mixed reality applications will be able to take advantage of this interface.

According to Oculus representatives, Passthrough API Experimental will be offered in version 31 of the SDK for manufacturer devices. The “production version” of the interface is expected to be delivered by the end of the year. Enough to give developers a little time to create new experiences.

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