This tool creates a color palette with your Spotify music


Colorify promises to create a color palette taking into account the cover of the songs you listen to the most on Spotify.

Yes, you can have a personalized color palette of your musical tastes, as reflected by your Spotify account.

So you can create a color palette with your Spotify music

We have already seen many resources that offer curious data about the music we listen to on our Spotify account. For example, we already discussed this HE which analyzes the songs we frequently listen to on Spotify to “make fun” of our musical tastes.

Now we know a new resource that has a different proposal: to create a color palette with the album covers from our Spotify library. And the dynamics is simple, you just have to go to Colorify, give the necessary permissions to authorize this tool to see some of your account data and perform the result that it promises.

Then it only remains to hit the “Analyze Spotify” button and scroll through the page. You will see that it divides the color palettes into different sections to make the dynamics more enjoyable. For example, you will see the color palettes of the singles that you listen to the most, taking into account the last 6 months or 4 weeks.

You will also see the colors that are most dominant among album covers, the colors of the playlists, among other options. And of course, you can save the color palettes as well as the rest of the recommendations. So if you want a curious way to analyze what you hear on Spotify, you can try Colorify to see the “colors” of your musical tastes.

And if Spotify’s recommendations aren’t enough for you to discover new content, you can follow Colorify’s song recommendations based on the colors of the album covers you listen to the most.

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