Tokyo 2020: drones and video games for the opening ceremony

Tokyo 2020 is (finally) gone! The XXXIIᵉ Olympics of the modern era began this Friday, a year late due to a pandemic, with an opening ceremony that was nothing traditional. Japan, host country, has multiplied geek references for our greatest pleasure.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will go down in history. First because of the health crisis: the public was not allowed in the stands of the Olympic stadium, which can accommodate 68,000 people. From where a strange atmosphere to say the least… But the parade of the athletes and the various artistic tables largely compensated.

Featured Video Games

Japan obliges, players were able to appreciate the references and tributes to the history of video games that the country has largely contributed to shaping. During the parade of 206 delegations, we could hear the resounding main themes many games: Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, Ace Combat, Gradius, NieR, and even more. Strangely, no Nintendo games have been picked up.

The opening ceremony was also an opportunity to make the drones dance. Towards the end of the show, a fleet of 1,824 drones flew in rhythm over the Olympic stadium: they first drew the symbol of the games, then they took the shape of the Earth, accompanied by a recovery from Jon Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” reworked by Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer.

In this area, this is not the record that is still held by Hyundai: the manufacturer has promoted its Genesis above Shanghai with the help of 3,281 drones. But all the same, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have made a successful start.

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