Youngest astronaut in history who flew with Jeff Bezos never bought anything from Amazon

It is not easy to amaze the richest man in the world, and yet it is the feat achieved by Oliver Daemen, that Jeff Bezos invited with him on his space trip.

At 18, Oliver Daemen is the youngest astronaut in history. The young Dutchman accompanied Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and pilot Wally Funk (who, at 82, became the oldest person to travel in space) in New Shepard on July 20. A mission which was crowned with success, as we know.

Jeff Bezos’ surprise

During an interview with Reuters, the young traveler recounted his experience of ten minutes on the edge of the planet. His fellow travelers have all been ” great fun and everyone has their feet on the ground », But the most astonishing is the confession of Oliver Daemen to Jeff Bezos:« I told Jeff I never bought anything from Amazon “. And the founder of the e-commerce giant replied: “ Oh, wow, it’s been a long time since I heard that ».

After landing, Jeff Bezos thanked all of the Amazon employees and customers who made this first flight possible. Daemen is therefore not one of these benefactors! The youngest astronaut in history took the place of the anonymous who won the $ 28 million auction for a place in the rocket. The latter was ultimately unable to fly due to a conflict of agenda …

Oliver Daemen had also participated in the auction, with the money of his father, owner of an investment fund. He already had his place secured for the second flight, but the winner’s defection allowed him to see the stars sooner.

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