A free online reader that helps you focus on reading

If you are one of those who are easily distracted when they are in front of the computer, it will help you to take into account the dynamics of Readwok.

It is an online reader with an interesting combination of functions and a little trick to help you focus on your reading.

A reader that helps you focus on your reading

The trick that keeps Readwok is that it implements a progressive display mode. That is why you will see that only the paragraph that you are viewing stands out. Yes, paragraph by paragraph. That way, you will stay focused on the current content and won’t be distracted by scanning the text.

In the configuration you will find that you can apply this system by specifying that it only show one paragraph at a time on the page, two or all of them. So if going paragraph by paragraph seems very slow, you can change it without problems. In any of the configurations, the focus will be kept on a single paragraph.

Readwok allows you to upload files from your computer, so you can upload an epub, PDF, among others, to apply the dynamics proposed by this reader. Or you can copy and paste the text directly into the Readwok interface. You will find some basic options to customize your reading mode, for example, you can change the size or style of the letter, the line spacing, among other details.

You can also choose to choose a sepia color, apply a dark mode or choose one of the many backgrounds with textures and colors that this reader offers, if it makes it easier for you to read. And if you want to improvise a quick edit while reading in Readwok you can also do it, since it gives the option to remove text or add more content.

You can use this online reader occasionally, without registering, simply by uploading the file or pasting the text. But if you plan to use it frequently, then you can create an account since you will have a series of advantages, among them, the possibility of following the reading on other devices.

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