A tool to open any website with keyboard shortcuts

If you are looking for a solution to easily access the websites that you visit frequently, beyond using the bookmarks of the web browser, you can consider this alternative.

Quickey allows you to create custom shortcuts to go directly to any web page you want, with emoticons and wallpapers.

So you can create keyboard shortcuts for any website

Quickey is an extension that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts with very simple dynamics. You just have to install it in your browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, among others) and you will see that the interface of a QWERTY keyboard opens on the new page so that you can start with your configuration.

Just click on the letter you want and paste the URL of the web page that you want to incorporate into the keyboard shortcuts. And if you’re wrong, don’t worry, you can drag and drop to move the settings to another key. And if you want, you can also add emoticons to the shortcuts. Once you are done with the configuration, you will have different options to use these accesses.

You can use the Quickey keyboard or your computer keyboard. If you are on the Quickey page, simply use the same assigned key on your computer, and if you are in another browser tab, use ALT + the chosen key.

Another feature that you will find in this extension is that you will have an assortment of wallpapers, taken from Unsplash, to customize the keyboard interface. From the Quickey configuration you will be able to adjust the frequency of the updates of the wallpapers, assigning a period of time or each time you open a new page.

And from the same configuration you can change other details. For example, what action will be applied when you use the shortcuts, activate global shortcuts, among other options. A simple and practical dynamic that you can customize according to your criteria.

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