Google will help you discover topics that interest you with a new feature

If you use the Google app on your mobile, logged in with your account, you have the advantage of having the dynamics that Discover proposes. That search engine function that shows you content on topics that could be relevant to you, since it is generated from your interests.

One of the functions of the Google search engine that receives constant tests and updates, since they seek to improve the user experience by implementing different dynamics. And now you are testing the thematic content.

You can use keyword suggestions to find content that interests you

As mentioned 9toGoogle, Google adds keywords in the articles it displays in the Discover section. That is, the articles not only show the title and the time of publication, but also a row of keywords, which can be used as filters to further delve into the subject that interests us.

So just clicking on a certain keyword will open a new feed with new articles dedicated only to that topic. In this way, the user saves having to go through a manual search to find related content or expand the information.

And of course, the user can also mark that a certain keyword does not interest him, and thus Google will not show it again in new articles. Yes, as with the rest of the content shown on Google, these new filters can be adjusted manually to adapt it to our interests.

So Google offers new features so you have more options to customize this unique Discover feed. At the moment, this new dynamic is only available in the beta version of the Google app for Android.

So we will still have to wait to see if this new Discover feature is officially implemented, undergoes some modifications during the beta stage, or stays on the way.

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