Michael B. Jordan to develop Superman series for HBO Max

The actor, who has distinguished himself at Marvel in Killmonger, is about to join the DCEU in the production of a Superman series for HBO Max. She will follow a character from the comics who takes over from Clark Kent in an alternate reality.

The world of superheroes no longer holds any secrets for Michael B. Jordan. After playing Killmonger and the Human Torch at Marvel, the actor would prepare to make his first foray into DC Comics. According to Collider, he is in the process of developing a series inspired by the universe of Superman for HBO Max. This project, still at an embryonic stage, is interested in Val-Zod of Earth-2. Like the Marvel Multiverse, the DC Comics Extended Universe is full of alternate versions of the founding writings, which this new series is likely to draw inspiration from. In this reality, Val-Zod takes over from Clark Kent after his death.

The actor will be visibly invested in the production and writing of the new project. For the moment, it is not announced to the casting. We can nevertheless expect to find him in the skin of the main character. As a reminder, while a new Superman film was announced with JJ Abrams in production, Michael B. Jordan quickly denied the rumors about his involvement in the project. He had nevertheless been quite mysterious:

“It’s smart of DC to trust Ta-Nehisi to go ahead and adapt this project. He’s incredibly talented. It will undoubtedly be worth a look. I’m flattered that people include me in this conversation, that’s a really nice compliment, but I’m just looking at this one. ”

A link with Robert Pattinson’s Batman?

DC seems to have definitely abandoned the linearity of its cinematic universe in favor of a new, more episodic form of storytelling. If it’s The Flash who will have the heavy task of introducing the multiverse on the big screen, the various projects of Warner Bros testify to the new dynamic taken by the studios. Robert Pattinson’s Batman being taken from the intrigues of Earth-2, one could therefore logically expect that links be made between the two productions.

However, we will have to wait a little longer to get to the bottom of it. Matt Reeves’ film is due out on our screens in March 2022. Michael B. Jordan’s series has no release date yet.

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