Microsoft Edge has a new option to control multimedia content

Microsoft is bringing to the stable version of its web browser a new dynamic to control the audio of the multimedia content of the open tabs.

So if you get easily distracted by audio or videos that play automatically when you open a web page, you can consider these Microsoft Edge settings.

So you can control the automatic playback of multimedia content in Edge

When we surf the web we usually find a lot of multimedia content on web pages that are reproduced automatically. Whether in banners or as part of content, unsolicited videos and audios often distract us and impair our browsing experience.

Whether you use Chrome or Firefox you will have found options to allow or prevent the automatic playback of multimedia content. Microsoft Edge now also has options that allow you to customize these dynamics and prevent them from playing automatically by default.

In version 92 of Microsoft Edge we find in the browser Settings the options to control the “Automatic playback of multimedia content”. It is only necessary to go to Cookies and site permissions >> All permissions.

You will see that you can choose between Allow or Limit. If you choose the first option, no type of restriction will be applied, and all audios and videos will be played automatically when entering a web page. And if you choose “Limit”, Microsoft Edge will be in charge of blocking or not the multimedia content, depending on your browsing habits.

If you’ve visited a certain web page and the audio or video played without you applying any action, Edge may apply the same settings when you visit that site again. Yes, it will take into account your interaction with websites to apply similar media content settings. Of course, you can change these settings at any time.

Keep in mind that this dynamic is configured so that the option is applied automatically, but you will always have the option to silence a page or website individually using the context menu.

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