Steam Deck: Valve Confirms All Steam Games Work

The developers at Valve said all games tested ran at 30fps or more.

Valve has barely announced its Steam Deck that expectations are already extremely high on the side of future consumers. The pre-orders have exploded and the specifics of the “hybrid console” simply sell a dream to all PC gamers who want a portable alternative to their machine. After several tests, Valve raises the bar a little higher by announcing the compatibility of all the games on Steam.

At least all games that support Valve’s SteamOS or Proton, Linux compatibility software. If this is a victory, it is because the developers have revealed that they had problems running the most recent games, namely those released less than a year ago, on the old prototypes. This is no longer the case, and Valve is confident that any game will be able to be run by the machine with a minimum of 30fps.

If this news can be delightful, it can also be scary: will the company sacrifice one of the main advantages of playing on a PC, namely a high rate of frames per second, for the benefit of mobility? According to her, that’s obviously not the case since those 30fps remain the low average and most games will hit a higher frame rate depending on usage.

In parallel, Valve also explained that it would be possible to limit the frame rate per second in order to preserve the maximum battery. This feature will be available as an option. However, Valve has not revealed how often the games will run, although they “consistently exceed” the 30fps mark.

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