djive Flowmate ARC Portable – Mobile Fan and Air Purifier Now Available

The wireless air purifier and fan djive Flowmate ARC Portable is available now and costs just under 270 euros.

The mobile air purifier from djive is here

I have already reported frequently about the combination devices from djive and recently presented the new models of the ARC series on our YouTube channel. The djive ARC devices are all rotorless fans and air purifiers, which, depending on the model, also have additional functions such as heating or air humidification.

Now there is another model that is also suitable for mobile use thanks to an integrated battery. For example, you can clean the air in the motorhome for up to six hours and provide a fresh breeze without having to rely on an electrical outlet. Of course, this is also an advantage in an apartment, if you can move the air purifier between the rooms without having to lay cables.

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The djive Flowmate ARC Portable has a HEPA14 filter and can filter 99.995% of all allergens, germs and aerosols from the air. Control is possible on the device, with the app or by voice with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Price and availability

The djive Flowmate ARC Portable is now available at a price of 269.99 euros. It is available in the colors Clean White and Metallic Gray.

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