Google Maps wants to facilitate your trips in the capital

Google announces a new feature to better understand low-carbon areas as well as tools to organize your trips.

In Paris, we are hunting carbon emissions. In the capital, since June 1, vehicles categorized Unclassified, Crit’Air 5 or Crit’Air 4 can no longer drive on the entire territory included within Highway 86 (excluded) on Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. To see more clearly in this new regulation, Google Maps announces the launch of a new feature called “Alerts for low carbon zones”.

Concretely, this is about make motorists aware of the operation of these regulated areas that restrict access to certain polluting vehicles to maintain air quality. Thanks to this feature, available on Android and iOS, users will be able to know whether or not their vehicle is authorized in a specific area. Google also intends to promote other means of travel or an alternative route when possible.

These alerts appear at the bottom of the screen and link to the government site. The goal is obviously to allow everyone to better plan their trips in the capital.

Google Maps

New features for the reopening of places of culture

This summer is still under the sign of the pandemic and Google has understood this well. On Maps, the firm is deploying new features to facilitate the daily life of its French users. Thus, Maps offers attendance forecasts for public transport users as well as a new tailor-made card function. This filter allows the user to instantly visualize what he is looking for around him : cafes, restaurants or shops. Finally, the application deploys a new travel history that allows you to track your trips from month to month. The firm announces that this new feature is 100% private.

All of its new tools are already available on the iOS and Android applications. To benefit from it, just update Google Maps.

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