Jeff Bezos applied to NASA for a contract to build a lunar lander

Jeff Bezos, in his capacity as owner and founder of the aerospace transportation company Blue Origin, applied to NASA for a contract to build a lunar lander.

Through an open letter, the mogul commented on Monday that his company is willing to cover billions of dollars in costs.

Bezos is still looking for a space for Blue Origin

Recapping recent episodes, in April NASA awarded a $ 2.89 billion contract to Elon Musk’s SpaceX for the construction of a manned lunar lander.

Dynetics and mainly Blue Origin, companies that lost this contest to SpaceX, formally submitted their claims, the latter even reaching the US Senate, stating that they were not given the opportunity to re-bid their price during the competition, a condition that they were awarded to SpaceX.

Bezos reiterated this point in his recent letter, offering a reduction of 2 billion dollars on the price of his project, to allow his organization to assemble a lunar lander, in parallel to the only contract awarded so far.

In its paper Addressed to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, the former Amazon CEO noted that his offer would “plug in the subsidy shortage” that led the space office to choose just one project.

Among the points that Bezos points out to defend the Blue Origin proposal, he points out the use of liquid hydrogen as fuel, which can be extracted from lunar ice. Also, he commented that the company would test its lander in a circle around the Earth, on its own.

“We are prepared to help NASA moderate its specialized hazards and address its budget constraints and put the Artemis Program back in a more aggressive, valid and reasonable way.”Bezos commented.

All this space effervescence in the United States is based on the plans of the North American country to return to the Moon in 2024, its program Artemis, with the projection of reaching Mars during the next decade.

It is evident that a new space race has been generated which, unlike the one that took place during the Cold War, this time is commercial in nature and does not go beyond North American borders.

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