Last day of sales: now or never to take advantage of these offers

The 2021 summer sales are off to a good start with their bundle of good deals and attractive discounts. Both in stores and online, traders expect to sell their inventory and unsold during this short period. As a reminder this year, the summer sales will last 4 weeks instead of 6 usually, since a decree of May 27, 2019 which fixes the dates and times of the sales as well as their duration.

The sales are coming to an end this Tuesday, July 27. But there is still time to grab some good deals if you had to miss the boat. Because after a disappointing record for traders after the winter sales of 2021, traders seem to be playing the game well this summer with many attractive discounts. Discover our selection of good deals still available for this last day.

Top current offers

Other essential offers:

This selection is not exhaustive, you can find

Discover the sales at Cdiscount

Discover sales at Amazon

Discover the sales at FNAC

Discover the sales at Darty

Discover the sales at Aliexpress

Discover the sales at Samsung

Discover the sales at Boulanger

Discover the sales at Rakuten

What are the most sought after products by the French?

idealo analyzed the shopping trends of the French in the run-up to the 2021 summer sales, which began on June 30, and revealed the promotions consumers expect. Once again this year, it is in the “high-tech” and “household appliances” categories that the French want to benefit from a discount! And product question? As during the 2021 winter sales, it is the Apple Airpods Pro wireless headphones that are the most sought after by the French (index 100) followed by the LG OLEDD55CX6LA TV (80) and OLED TV 65CX6 (60).


Enjoy the sales with peace of mind

It is true that with all these offers on traditional e-commerce sites, you can quickly find yourself lost. According totude menCreated by YouGov, on behalf of the price comparator Le Dénicheur, 60% of consumers say they feel lost in the face of the abundance of sales offered on the internet. We therefore advise you to take the time to identify the desired products upstream and compare the offers:

  • Do some scouting and note the prices carefully so as not to have unpleasant surprises on D-day. If you make purchases online, beware of certain questionable sites which may sell an item at the same price as before the event, or even inflate the starting price to make believe in a greater percentage of reduction.
  • Set a budget or list the products you want to buy beforehand to avoid compulsive buying and find yourself in the red.
  • When you think you’re getting a good deal, check out other merchants for that same product. You might come across a more interesting offer!

Official dates of the 2021 summer sales

Due to the economic consequences of the Covid-19 health crisis for traders, the 2021 summer sales began on Wednesday June 30, 2021 and not Wednesday June 23, 2021. A decree published in Official newspaper June 22, 2021 confirms this one-week postponement announced by the Minister of the Economy on May 27, 2021.

The dates of the online or distance selling (e-commerce) sales are aligned with the national dates of traditional commerce, regardless of the location of the company’s headquarters.

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