Sunricher will soon be launching a ZigBee power strip

The Sunricher company plans to soon bring a smart power strip with four individually switchable slots onto the market.

Sunricher power strip with two USB ports

Some of you may know the manufacturer Sunricher, because quite a while ago they developed a Friends of Hue compatible switch module with battery, which can be switched much quieter than the models with the EnOcean module. Like the colleagues from Hueblog now report, Sunricher will soon present a smart ZigBee multiple socket with quite interesting specs.

Unlike, for example, the ZigBee socket strip from Lidl, the four slots can be controlled individually and are also displayed on the Philips Hue Bridge as individual devices. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the Lidl or tint variant. The two USB ports can also be smartly controlled, but here only both at the same time.

Information on price and availability is not yet available. As soon as there is news here, I will report on it!

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