WhatsApp is already testing the sending of images with better quality on iOS

We already mentioned that WhatsApp is working on a new dynamic that will allow users to choose the quality of the videos and images they send through chats.

An interesting update that will save us the problem of quality loss when we send multimedia content.

Part of our proposal is already being tested with the new beta of WhatsApp for iOS, as mentioned in 9to5Mac, and that allows to know a little more its dynamics.

New options in WhatsApp to send images with better quality

So far, when we send a photo through chats, we do not have the option to control how it is sent, nor can we prevent the WhatsApp algorithm from compressing the image.

So if we want our contact to receive the image in the original quality through WhatsApp, we will have to resort to some trick. With the new dynamic that promises WhatsApp, we will have three options, ranging from an automatic mode, saving data to better quality.

Data Saving is a good option if we have to send an image and we must use the data plan, since it ensures that the image is sent in a lower resolution. Automatic mode becomes an interesting possibility if we want WhatsApp to decide for us and determine the optimal way to send the photograph, taking into account factors, such as our internet connection.

However, the Best Quality option can be a bit confusing for users, as mentioned WAbetaInfo. Apparently, this option does not mean that WhatsApp will preserve the original quality, although the compression will be lower than the current one, maintaining up to approximately 80% of the original resolution.

At least, that’s the dynamic that this new option presents in this beta stage on iOS. For those who want to try these new options, and are under the beta program, they should only look for them in WhatsApp Settings >> Storage and data >> Media upload quality.

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