A mobile game and NFTs to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founder of Louis Vuitton

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of its founder, Louis Vuitton has the idea of ​​launching a mobile game in which it will be possible to obtain NFTs linked to the history of the luxury group.

Louis Vuitton is going to put the small dishes in the big ones to celebrate as it should the 200th birthday of its founder on August 4th. The brand’s boutiques will present trunks reinvented by 200 personalities, a documentary will be available on Apple TV, special art installations will also be offered, as will a mobile game for iOS and Android.

A brand that works with the times

This game, simply called Louis : The Game, will feature Vivienne, the emblematic wooden doll of the brand, which will span the long history of Louis Vuitton. Little is known about the game itself, other than that there will be quests to complete, but the gameplay is yet to be discovered.

Louis : The Game will have a particularity: the title incorporates NFTs that players can discover throughout their exploits. Here too, the details are very thin, for example we ignore the blockchain on which these tokens are based. The answer will come very quickly, since the game will be available on August 4 on the App Store and on the Play Store.

« The best way to get people interested is to talk to them through the medium they like Explains Michael Burke, President and CEO of Vuitton. ” Generations are defined by technology, not age He adds. This is not the first time that the house has taken an interest in video games: in 2019, it put online Endless Runner, to practice online at this address.

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