How to see the Tokyo Olympic medal table by country in an easy way

The days continue to pass at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and we see more and more medals achieved by different athletes. So, if you want to keep up to date with how many Olympic medals each country has, then we will tell you how to find out thanks toan application that you can have on your mobile for free (There is also another alternative for desktop).

Olympics, this will be the app that will allow us, among other relevant information, to see the Tokyo Olympic medal table of the country you want, or in a general way. This is its simple operation and everything you can see in it.

Olympics, is the application that will allow you to see the statistics and immediate results of the Olympic Games. Best of all, you can have this app on your iOS or Android mobile.

Now yes, below you will see the steps you must follow once you have the Olympics application on your mobile and thus, you will not be able to miss anything of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games:

– Open the Olympics application on your mobile.
– When loading the application, click on “Medals” located in the lower center of the screen.
– Next, click on «No active filters».
– Click on the country you want to know how many Olympic medals you have won and that’s it.
Once the previous steps have been carried out, the app will show you in real time all the medals that the country you selected has won and their rating among all the countries.

Medal from Olympics

Here are the download links for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Olympics: enlace de App Store

Olympics: enlace de Play Store

Another way to view quick information about the Olympics

Olympics from Chrome

Google helps us with endless things in our daily lives, and when it comes to the Tokyo Olympics, it also helps us by displaying all the necessary information. Just by entering the Chrome search engine keywords related to the competition (Olympic medal table, medals, schedules and results, among other things) we will quickly know what happens. The source of the information comes directly from the page, so you will be having accurate data instantly.

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