New cell phones 2021: smartphone innovations at a glance


Which new cell phones have already appeared in 2021 and which are still expected? We give you an overview of the smartphone innovations from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Co.

New cell phones in 2021: an overview of new products from Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and Co.
  • Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei have already presented new top smartphones.
  • Apple is still taking its time.
  • Samsung plans more new announcements for August.

There were already a hail of new cell phones in January 2021. Above all Samsung was particularly hard-working at the beginning of the year. With the Galaxy S21, S21+ und S21 Ultra the South Korean manufacturer unveiled three new top smartphones on.

Xiaomi countered in February and brought that Xiaomi Mi 11 in the trade. In March, the Chinese manufacturer also provided the Mi 11i, Mi 11 Lite and Mi 11 Ultra in front.

These highlights are still waiting for you

On the other hand, fans had to wait a long time for that Huawei P50. The new top smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer was recently unveiled in China, when it will go on sale in this country is still open. Even Apple is still taking its time, it won’t be until autumn iPhone 13 to be expected.

Before that, Samsung wants to present us with some new products in August – including that Galaxy Z Fold 3 condition. In the following gallery we present the mobile phone highlights 2021 in more detail.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Photo gallery

These are the mobile phone highlights for 2021

These are the mobile phone highlights for 2021

Below we give you a tabular overview of the new release in 2021. Only models that have appeared on the German market were taken into account.

Mobile phone innovations from Apple (2021)

Apple hasn’t revealed any new phones in 2021.

Mobile phone news from Samsung (2021)

Samsung launched the following mobile phones this year:

  • Samsung Galaxy A22 (5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 (5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy A72
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S21-Series

Mobile phone news from Xiaomi (2021)

Xiaomi released the following phones in Germany in 2021:

Mobile phone innovations from Huawei

Huawei has not yet released any new phones in Germany in 2021.

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