Spotify renews its mini player on Android with these options

Spotify is updating its mini player on Android with a more modern change in its interface, and some extra details that improve the user experience.

We have already seen that Spotify frequently updates its applications. Sometimes these are radical changes, such as the redesign that he applied a few months ago to his web version and his desktop app. And on other occasions they are more subtle changes, such as the renewed mini player with a more modern look that debuts in its mobile app.

As mentioned in AP, Spotify is rolling out a new mini player with rounded corners, colors, and the feeling that it’s floating above the rest of the content. So the player no longer looks like a gray block integrated into the bottom bar.

And some details that complete this more modern interface have also been taken into account, for example, that the player changes color according to the album art you are listening to or that the playback bar is now displayed at the bottom, among others .

Although it is not an important update, all the changes that are implemented in the interface in the app improve the user experience, they already give that feeling of having a novelty. Let’s remember that a few days ago, Spotify launched an interesting novelty for those who use the application to keep up with the releases of their favorite artists.

It is a new feed that concentrates all artist releases that you follow on Spotify, as well as podcasts and shows. This will prevent us from having to scroll to different sections of the application or consult the profiles of the artists so as not to miss their releases.

This is a feature that has yet to be rolled out, but Spotify promised that it will arrive in the next few weeks. And as for the new mini player, it is already available to some users, so it may arrive in your account shortly.

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