The Dominator sets a new domino record!

Robots are ready to take our place in all areas, including… dominoes! The Dominator set a Guinness record: to create a Super Mario mural, he placed 100,000 dominoes in 24 hours.

A real robotic feat! The Dominator, created by YouTuber (and former NASA engineer) Mark Rober and his team, managed to create a giant Super Mario mural made up of 100,000 dominoes in one day, earning it a Guinness record.

100,000 dominoes for a Super Mario mural

The development of Dominator took five years of work and over 14,000 lines of code for it to accomplish its feat. It incorporates, among other things, omnidirectional wheels as well as 3D printed funnels, in which the dominoes are engulfed to be placed straight through a grid.

Alone, Dominator (obviously equipped with big eyes and a robotic tail) is not very useful. The real brain is a second machine which distributes the colored dominoes according to the fresco to be made. This sorting mechanism is equipped with a Kuka arm which supplies the dominoes through Hot Wheels tracks recycled for the occasion (almost five kilometers were necessary!).

When the Dominator goes to the sorting station to fill up on dominoes, an indoor platform loads the robot’s funnels with 300 coins. Downtime is thus reduced to a minimum. It would take a team of seven experienced humans for a week to complete the same mural.

In addition to achieving his record, Dominator blew domino champion Lily Hevesh: he is indeed ten times faster than any human. And besides, he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom …

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