Introducing the Nothing ear (1)

Carl Pei’s new brand has introduced a wireless earphone with a design and active noise cancellation.


A Nothingot was created by the co-founder of OnePlus, their first product, ear (1), is certainly the most official but extremely information-poor preview product in the universe. First they said nothing about itbut it constantly, and then there were regular press releases with no trace of meaningful information about the product, which was still not presented, by which time a date and a price had finally arrived, and today the product, which is a very designer earphone.


The transparent box sits with transparent, IPx4-rated earbuds, each weighing 4.7 grams and sounding 11.6 millimeters. In addition to active noise filtering, transparent mode is available, which allows ambient noise to pass through, although, in the event of such a need, it may be more economical to simply turn off the feature. This can be solved with the ear, with touch control, but we can even get it out of our ears because there is wear detection.


The connection is provided by a Bluetooth 5.2 chip with AAC and SBC codec support, and the equalizer can be set for iOS and Android in the app, there is also the option to search for the earpiece. The cordless rechargeable case seems a bit ergonomic when imagined in a denim pocket, providing a total of 34 hours of operation in return, while the earbuds have 4 or 5.7 hours on their own, depending on whether we use the noise filtering option.

The Nothing ear (1) will be available in a limited number of copies in the manufacturer’s webshop for € 99 from July 30, and the official start will be on August 17.

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