Twitter for iOS now allows you to use Apple accounts to log in

Apple, like other technology companies, also offers its login system for third-party applications and services, launched in 2019 as a secure and tracking-free alternative for logging on to third-party platforms.

Little by little we see how more third-party platforms are adopting Apple’s secure login system, and now it begins to be available on the Twitter mobile app for iOS.

An option for those who already have Apple ID and want to use it

Yes indeed, For now, the use of this login system is only allowed for new accounts that are created in the application, since Twitter has not yet implemented the possibility that users can update their existing accounts to link them to their accounts. Manzana, although this possibility is also part of the capabilities of the login system of the bitten apple company.

Twitter notes in an announcement that support for logging in with Apple accounts will be extended to the web version in the future. At the moment it is not known if it will also take it to the Android platform.

The most interesting thing in this regard is that users who use the Apple login system must use two-factor authentication using their user ID on the device.

The launch of this feature officially comes a month after it has been in beta, as researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered at the time.

And no, Apple IDs are no longer exclusive to users who use company devices, since any user who wants to, can have theirs and access some company cloud services, such as Apple TV + or iCloud Drive , for instance.

In this way, if any user already uses the content transmission platform, having their corresponding Apple ID, from now on they can also use it to create secure accounts in Twitter.

Signing in using Apple ID is in addition to signing in with Google accounts and the ability to have a separate user account on Twitter for iOS.

It will be a matter of users choosing the option that best suits them according to their preferences when participating in Twitter.

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