Identity card: all you need to know about the new identity document deployed on August 2

Gradually deployed since March 15, 2021, the new national identity card will land throughout France from Monday, August 2. What is changing?

More secure, more practical and with a modernized design, the new national identity card is entering French territory. From this Monday, August 2, it is spreading to the whole of France, after a gradual deployment in certain departments such as Oise and Seine-Maritime.

This modernization comes following the application of a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union which obliges the Member States to put into circulation new conforming identity cards.

A new design

This new identity document should more easily find its place in French wallets. Abandoning its look a little too bulky, the new card will be in ID-1 format, like new driver’s license or bank cards. It has a chip engraved with the Marianne and three RF and a QR Code. A new generation holographic device helps protect the cardholder’s photograph by changing color.

Secure data

In accordance with the security rules imposed by European regulations, the biometric data contained in the electronic component of the new card “Are stored in a highly secure compartment, access to which is specifically supervised” can we read on the government website. Only sworn persons will be able to consult them. This will be the case when crossing borders thanks to cabins installed in airports, certain stations and certain ports. During checks by the police, the latter will also be able to read the data recorded on the chip.

Period of validity and renewal

From today, anyone needing to renew their identity card will be issued the new version. However, if you have an old card that is still valid, no need to apply. It will be enough to do it less than 6 months before its expiration.

The reasons in force remain unchanged and these requests can be made when your CNI (national identity card) has been lost or stolen. The procedure remains the same and the duration of delivery varies between 7 to 21 days.

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