Once again, ZTE runs into the screen camera

The self-contained unit hidden behind the display is said to be much better, the Axon 30 5G specification on paper anyway.


Round demonstrated it a year ago ZTE had hidden self-camera technology behind the OLED display, which also hid the last unwanted terrain element on the front panel from the eye, but its location could still be seen from certain angles, as pixel allocation was rarer there.

From an extreme angle, only the sparser screen of the Axon 20 5G was visible in front of the self-timer camera, the sequel also eliminates this. [+]

In the end, it’s not Axon 20 5G image quality: too little light filtered through the self-photographed lens and sensor to produce good selfies, and Axon 30 5G, which features a camera integrated into a second-generation screen behind the 6.92 “and 120 Hz FHD + AMOLED panels.

Az Axon 30 5G
Az Axon 30 5G [+]

The new self-assembly uses algorithmically hammering quality with 16 and not 32 megapixel plus 4: 1 pixel binning technology, which is said to be better with 400 ppi instead of 200 pixel density in the AMOLED panel, ergo probably won’t be seen from an extreme angle either the location of the camera.


The 1080 x 2400 pixel panel uses a seven-layer, ultra-high light transmission solution with a dedicated UDC Pro chip and varied electronics to get as much light as possible between pixels – we’re looking forward to the result.


Otherwise, the Axon 30 5G is a typical gigaphone that is sure to be comfortable to handle with just two hands through its near-tablet display and is powered by the nimble Snapdragon 870. At the head of the accentuated camera system on the back is a 64-megapixel Sony IMX682 unit, and the ultra-wide module typically steps back to 8 megapixels because it seems mandatory to install more of this. There’s also a 5-megapixel macro and a depth-sensing sensor.


You can choose from 6 to 12 GB of RAM and 128 to 256 GB of storage from the USF 3.1 variety, while the modest 4200 mAh battery is charged by a 55-watt adapter. For the time being, the Chinese start has taken place, where the 6/128 piece will cost 103 thousand yuan and the 12/256 variation will cost 145 thousand yuan, but this price could jump significantly if / when the Axon 30 5G gets here.

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