Twitter has a new strategy to combat misinformation

The Twitter team announced that it is partnering with The Associated Press and Reuters to improve its dynamics, and provide reliable information on the platform to users.

So this partnership will enhance the work of the Twitter team to give more context to the news and popular topics that are spread on the platform.

This is how Twitter wants to combat misinformation on the platform

Twitter It already has a system that allows context to be given to the news or trends that circulate on the platform. That is why you will find, for example, a short description added to Trends.

Or when you use the search engine Twitter To find content about a certain hashtag, you will see that tweets that correspond to reliable sources are displayed first. A dynamic that is much more appreciated when there are important events or campaigns, for example, elections or a health emergency.

And thanks to the new collaboration, the Twitter curation team will be able to improve this “context system” in conversations.

This program is just one part of our ongoing efforts to help people understand the conversation that takes place at our service. People experience a variety of public conversations on Twitter every day, and we are committed to continuing our work to elevate credible information and context.

On the one hand, this new program will allow them to anticipate topics that will quickly become popular, and thus prevent false news from going viral. And on the other hand, they will be able to work faster on a large scale in real time as conversations emerge on Twitter.

So the idea is that users are never lost among so much information on a popular topic, but that they can count on content from reliable sources on the platform. At the moment, the support provided by The Associated Press and Reuters will be reflected only in the content in English, as part of the initial phase of the program.

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