Adaptive Volume – Alexa speaks louder when there is a lot of background noise (USA)

In the USA there is a new feature called Adaptive Volume that lets Alexa speak louder when the room is particularly loud.

Adaptive Volume automatically adjusts the Alexa volume

In the USA, users of Alexa smart speakers can once again enjoy a new feature that does not yet exist in this country. The new function is called Adaptive Volume and ensures that the responses from Alexa are automatically adapted to the ambient volume. If, for example, the television is running or children are playing particularly loudly, the answers are automatically reproduced louder. It should be loud in the other direction The Verge probably not work, but there is already one here Whisper mode.

The new function can also be activated by voice command by the user “Alexa, turn on Adaptive Volume” says. How long we will have to wait for the introduction of Adaptive Volume is not yet known. However, we already know from the past that something like this can sometimes take several months.

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