Apple’s big plans for its watch’s health features

Although only recently the topic Blood pressure measurement for the Apple Watch Series 7 negative the company has big plans for the health features of its watch.

Apple Watch should be able to measure temperature

Sources allegedly familiar with Apple’s plans and having access to internal documents tell the Wall Street Journal that Apple is planning a variety of health features for its Apple Watch. Most of them should not be available before 2022.

According to the reports, the Apple Watch will be equipped with a thermometer function in the coming year, which will be based on fertility planning. The aim is to better enable women to gain insight into their ovulation cycle. In the future, this function should also be able to measure and detect a fever.

Although blood pressure measurement will probably not (yet) be available in the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple is sticking to the function. The watch measures the speed of heartbeat waves through the user’s arteries using sensors. After the measurement, it should be shown how the blood pressure is developing. The aim of the blood pressure monitoring function is to be able to detect when the pressure is rising and to show the presence of high blood pressure. However, the watch cannot provide systolic and diagnostic blood pressure measurements, which is why some Apple employees are said to have questioned the usefulness of the function.

In addition, Apple wants the detection of sleep abnea to be integrated into its watch with the help of the blood oxygen sensor and the watch should provide medical assistance if a low blood oxygen value is detected during the measurement.

Apple also hopes to make diabetes detection available on its smartwatch. However, there seem to be major problems with non-invasive blood pressure measurement.

The Wall Street Journal emphasizes in its report that the health functions are plans that Apple is currently investigating. Implementation is not guaranteed.

Approval of new updates

Regardless of the new health functions, Apple should put pressure on the FDA and push ahead with the approval of various updates for the watches that are already available. For example, an update that enables people with atrial fibrillation to track their condition with the Apple Watch or the update with the help of the user receives a warning if his blood oxygen level drops. Currently, the Apple Watch can only check for signs of atrial fibrillation in people without atrial fibrillation, and blood oxygen monitoring can only provide a reading with no warnings of changes.

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