Bose QuietComfort 45: the new king of headphones?

After weeks, months or even years of rumors about it, it’s finally official! Bose has just presented its new high-end headphones, the QuietComfort 45, or QC 45 for close friends. This helmet will take over from the excellent QC 35 II launched in 2017, and it offers some unstoppable arguments, including a lower price than its predecessor.

Bose QC 45
Credit: Bose

Rather than completely redesigning its headphones, Bose has instead chosen to continue. The design therefore remains virtually identical to that of the QC 35 II, except that the QuietComfort 45 can be folded to take up less space in a bag. Otherwise, Bose explains having revised certain materials and boasts of solid sound qualities. For the controls, Bose always relies on buttons placed on the two ear cups of the headphones.

Bose QC 45
Credit: Bose

Where the QuietComfort 45 should be a game-changer is in terms of active noise reduction. The QC 35 was already a benchmark in this area, as were the Headphones 700, but this QuietComfort 45 is updated by introducing an “Aware” mode, the equivalent of the Transparency mode found on most headsets and earphones offering ANC. Otherwise, Bose boasts “Instant silence everywhere”. We will have the opportunity to check this when it is released, scheduled for September 30 at a price of € 349.95.

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