Deathloop: Arkane Studio explains how the DualSense will serve immersion

Arkane relies on the DualSense controller to offer Deathloop players a unique and realistic experience.

Main selling point when the PS5 was released, the DualSense is the most technologically advanced controller on the market today. In addition to being more ergonomic to grip than its predecessor, the DualShock 4, it has adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that take immersion to a whole new level. As Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and other games before it, the next Bethesda title Deathloop, which will be exclusive to the PS5 for a year, has also bet on an optimal integration of the technologies of the DualSense.

Arkane Studio and Sony returned to this point to list all the ways in which the new generation controller will be at the service of greater realism. First of all, as you might expect, the weapons will react differently with the triggers depending on their power, size or nature. However, Arkane adds the possibility of jamming your weapon, which should happen often at the start of the game. In this case, it will be impossible for the player to pull the trigger and all they have to do is find another weapon to use. .

As for the haptic feedback, it will be used to make the players feel all the changes in textures, the nails that fall in the magazine of the nail gun, or the blows that you will give to your opponent. Each action will have its signature haptic feedback. All this will be coupled with a regular use of the speaker of the controller which will transmit the bullets which graze you, the sound of your weapon and the dialogues with Juliana.

Deathloop, the hit of the new school year?

Scheduled on PS5 for September 14, Deathloop is a highly anticipated title in which you play as a man, Colt, trapped in a time loop. To get out of it, he will have to kill 8 mercenaries who call themselves the Visionaries, scattered around the island. You can already pre-order the game and you will then receive special bonuses.

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