Fossil Gen 6: New Wear OS watches arrive with outdated software

As promised, Fossil today (30) presented its new line of smart watches. The Fossil Gen 6 is the brand’s new bet for the Wear OS market, however, they leave something to be desired by launching with an old version of the operating system.

With Wear OS 3 already on the market, Fossil makes the strange decision to introduce its new wearables with an old version. Rest assured, however, that Gen 6 will be updated to the new version of the software next year.

Fossil Gen 6

Fossil Gen 6 combine elegance and technology in the same product

To honor Fossil’s track record in the watch market, the new smartwatches are presented with the elegant design that the brand has always accustomed us to. We have a circular display watch in 42mm and 44mm cases with stainless steel, leather and silicone straps.

Another sign of its more elegant design are the three physical buttons that will be used to interact with the software of these devices. The middle button will serve as a rotating crown, making it easy to navigate the Wear OS menus.

Fossil Gen 6

The Fossil Gen 6’s screen is AMOLED technology and all versions will feature a 1.28-inch panel with a resolution of 416 x 416 pixels. Thanks to the inclusion of the Always-on Display functionality, you are guaranteed to have essential information always at a glance.

Commanding all operations will be Qualcomm’s most powerful processor for this segment, the Snapdragon Wear 4100. It will have 1GB of RAM and users will enjoy 8GB of internal storage to store data and applications.

You can make wrist calls with the new Fossil Gen 6

Fossil’s new range of smart watches excels in the inclusion of speakers and a microphone. Thanks to these components, users will be able to answer calls directly on their wrist, without having to pick up their smartphone.

Fossil Gen 6

Looking now at the health features of Fossil Gen 6, we can say that these gadgets are not impressive. They come with the traditional heart rate sensor and also have an SpO2 sensor for measuring blood saturation.

In addition, Fossil Gen 6 can monitor the user’s sleep, as well as any naps he takes during the day. The latter is absent from many smartwatches on the market, but these don’t even get more impressive.

Sportsmen will find in these watches a partner to monitor their adventures. They can quantify parameters such as the number of steps and calories burned, as well as track water activities thanks to their 3ATM certification.

Also on battery the Fossil Gen 6 are not here to surprise. In fact, the brand promises 24 hours of autonomy with moderate use, which means you’ll have to carry your smartwatch every night.

It remains to be known that the Fossil Gen 6 will be marketed in three versions and with prices to match. It is already known that the stainless steel version will cost the equivalent of €270, while the others will cost around €253.

The Fossil Gen 6 will be sold in the US starting September 27th. We still don’t know when these models will reach international markets.

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