Robotics company shows robots doing heavy tasks in warehouses

We look again at the world of robotics, since we are faced with another robot manufacturing company that is demonstrating the skills that its units are acquiring to carry out certain tasks.

In this case it is Agility Robotics, which share a video in which two units of his biped Digit are seen being able to move heavy goods from one place to another in a warehouse.

It is a task that can be slow, heavy and tedious for the human being. The intention of the company is to imply that the robots and humans can share space in the workplace instead of robotics threatening today’s jobs in automation processes.

For the CEO of Agility, Damion Shelto: “The conversation around automation has changed a bit,” according to the publication TechCrunch, for which he adds that:

(robotics) It is considered an enabling technology that allows you to conserve the workforce you have. There is a lot of talk about the risks of automation and job loss, but job loss is actually happening now, before automated solutions

For now, according to the aforementioned publication, the most important moment for Digit took place with the association of the Ford automobile company, which currently has two units of this model.

For Agility Robotics, its bipeds will serve to perform complementary tasks to those performed by the human being, focusing on boring and repetitive tasks, taking a different approach with respect to other companies, focused on the creation of fully automated solutions.

Acorde al CTO Jonathan Hurst:

It is a robot that can operate in human spaces and environments. It’s a relatively easy thing to do for very structured and repetitive tasks, to say, “There will be boxes there. We will tell you which of a database system, and we want you to move it there. ‘Maybe this is something you do for three or four hours a day and then go to a different space and do it for three or four hours and then unload a tractor with a trailer.

The aforementioned publication has not been able to know how many of Digit’s units Agility Robotics has sold beyond the agreement with Ford, where it has only been able to know that Agility Robotics is working with important logistics companies.

Agility Robotics has had a fairly rapid growth rate since last December, so they already plan to expand their Pittsburgh and Oregon offices.

Via: Techcrunch

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