Apple further relaxes rules on non-App-Store payments

Cornered by Japan, Apple has finally further lowered its requirements, by allowing certain companies to offer links to their own payment systems.

New pressure against the Apple. Cornered from all sides, Apple finally released ballast last night as part of an agreement with the JFTC (Japanese Competition Commission). From now on, streaming applications (video, music, podcast or even ebooks) like Netflix, Spotify or Disney + will be able to display a redirect link to invite users to register directly from their website, and more from there. iOS application. A measure that is in line with the recent law passed by South Korea, and which prohibits the company from taxing its payment system.

Concretely, this means that third-party apps will now be able to bypass Apple restrictions, and in particular the hefty commission imposed on each in-app purchase. The procedure actually already exists on Netflix for example, since the iOS version of the platform only offers to identify oneself, and not to create an account. The only difference is that the red N will now be able to redirect the user to their website in order to create an account. Until now, the guidelines of the Apple Store have strictly forbidden to display this type of information.

Apple touts its in-app purchases

Obviously, Apple, for its part, prefers to highlight its own payment platform, which – in addition to providing 15% to 30% commission – would, according to it, be the safest payment method for users. However, it will now help third-party apps develop their proprietary payroll system, with the company promises to “Continue to provide a secure experience”.

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