Apple Watch Series 7 won’t be on time

The Apple Watch Series 7 is reportedly experiencing production issues and its launch may be postponed.

It’s a shame for a (connected) watch: Apple Watch Series 7 may not arrive exactly on time. This is what the Nikkei Asia as well as Bloomberg, explaining that the new model of Apple Watch would encounter some production issues.

These concerns would be linked above all to the new design of l’Apple Watch Series 7, which should inaugurate a brand new chassis with flat edges like the iPhone 12. A new health sensor capable of measuring blood pressure would also be involved.

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7 renderings by PhoneArena

Due to the quality of production falling short of Apple’s expectations, the firm reportedly decided to pause production in order to fix problems on the assembly line. Due to this, some delay is to be expected, while the watch is expected to be presented alongside the iPhone 13 in the coming weeks.

Still, that wouldn’t mean the Apple Watch Series 7 won’t be showcased during Apple’s next conference. We can therefore expect an ordinary keynote, except that the Apple Watch will be launched a little later than the iPhone 13, with stocks probably reduced when it is released.

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