Beatstar, the best and worst of this new musical game

The Space Ace studio was bought by Supercell in 2017, and now they have released a game with music as the main character.

Talk to us about Beatstar, a game in which we can listen to great music hits, without worrying about the license, while we press our fingers to the rhythm, as if it were Guitar Hero.

Let’s see how the game is first with the video that I recorded yesterday:

As you can see, it has a very interesting dynamic where we have to unlock songs as we gain stars, but not everything is fantastic in this new fever that, with a few days of release, already has tens of thousands of installations.

Best of Beatstar

– It’s free, and it still allows you to listen to great hits of different styles without having to pay anything.
– There is very little publicity.
– It has a function to improve the synchronization of the audio with the music blocks when we are using Bluetooth.
– The difficulty levels are very well thought out, since it is relatively easy to reach 3 stars in each song, but it is practically impossible to reach 5 even in songs of normal difficulty.

The worst of Beatstar

– We cannot use it to listen to songs constantly, in fact it is not possible to play unlimited songs to unlocked songs, since for this it is necessary to free up space in the trunks that we have at the bottom.
– In order to play longer, it is necessary to use diamonds quite often, and they are not cheap at all, it is much better to use Spotify or YouTube directly.

The game has just been released, so we will surely see several changes and news in the coming weeks. It is now available on iOS and Android.

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