Bird unveils its first individual electric bike

Presented at the Eurobike 2021 show, this new Bird Bike will be exclusively available in Europe at the beginning of next year.

After electric scooters, the manufacturer Bird is tackling bicycles. The brand announced today at Eurobike 2022, the launch of a brand new urban mobility product, “Designed to promote a change in mode of transport and reduce dependence on gasoline vehicles”. A product that will be exclusively dedicated to European territory, at a time when the old continent is starting a transition period to all-electric.

Bird Bike
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Accelerate the electric turn

The future of Europe is in electric. It is not a surprise, more and more car manufacturers have already started their energy transition after the recent decision of the European Union to reach the zero carbon emissions by 2035. For Bird, the arrival of this new bicycle on the individual transport market will provide urban users with a new alternative “safe, sustainable, and offering an elegant design and advanced technology”, reports an official press release.

A technical sheet without slippage

Designed for urban use, the Bird Bike will offer several sizeable features to facilitate daily commuting. On the engine side, 25 km / h electric assistance powered by a 250 W rear motor will allow you to tread the bitumen effortlessly, and without risking bad weather thanks to its IP65 + certification (dust and low pressure water jets). The electric bike will also carry an LCD screen capable of displaying the speed, the distance traveled and the remaining battery level, while integrated LED lights will ensure 180 ° visibility in all circumstances. The removable 346 Wh battery will offer up to 100 km of autonomy in all-electric promises the brand, enough to ensure a few round trips to work.

Pricing and availability

Accessible from the start of 2022, the Bird Bike will be marketed only in Europe, at the indicative price of 1999€. Two versions of frames will be available (A and V), in four different colors: black, gray, white and blue.

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