For the start of the school year, save time with the 10 second toothbrush (on sale) 😲

We no longer present it to you, but the Y-Brush, the Made in France toothbrush effective in just 10 seconds, is available for the start of the school year at a completely insane price in a new pack.

When writing, we really enjoyed testing the famous Y-Brush, this revolutionary technology capable of performing simultaneous effective toothbrushing in just 10 seconds. Non-traditional, the Y-Brush electric toothbrush involves a period of adaptation and compliance with a certain process of use to obtain optimal efficiency. Moreover, the brand insists that it is more of an oral device.

The sonic toothbrush Y-Brush aims to save you time using ultrasonic motors (vibrations) and using the filaments on the brush. To celebrate the start of the new school year, the brand unveils a very attractive price with a Back to School Pack at only 99 € against 139.99 € usually. The latter contains:

  • a sleeve
  • a brush
  • a USB charging cable
  • un support
  • a toothpaste applicator
  • a support program.

Order your Y-Brush back-to-school pack

Brush your teeth automatically

The operation of Y-Brush is similar to that of a conventional electric toothbrush: a handle transmits vibrations to an individual brush with nylon bristles which performs the cleaning movement. The vibrations provided by Y-Brush, however, are based on a specific sonic frequency.

The recovery of nylon bristles and the use of sonic vibration are justified by a desire for maximum efficiency of tooth brushing and it has been proven that these are the most efficient technologies to date. Unlike silicone pins and other materials that have been tested, the bristles are indeed thin enough – the thickness of a hair – to pass between the teeth, brush deeply and remove dental plaque.

The brush thus consists of a flexible and supple base, which both facilitates its entry into the mouth and allows it to be adapted to different jaws. It is lined with 35,000 nylon filaments of flexible hardness, inclined at 45 ° so as to clean teeth, gingival folds and to massage part of the gum tissue.


The triangular housing of the Y-Brush contains a motor that generates specific sonic vibrations. We find the same thing on the most recent models of electric toothbrushes. But unlike rotary tilt and turn, sonic vibrations are faster – around 25,000 vibrations per minute – and thus help loosen dental plaque. It is possible to choose between different levels of vibration intensity by pressing the central button on the handle one or more times. Note that in this handle there is also a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 300 mAh, allowing the toothbrush to be recharged every 2 or 3 months depending on use.

With the help of Y-Brush, you will be able to clean both sides of the jaw simultaneously, thus achieving optimal toothbrushing in just ten seconds – compared to two minutes. Once the toothpaste is placed on the brush, put the brush in your mouth, select the program, make back and forth movements from left to right and wait until the end of the program.

New for back to school: organic and Vegan mint chewable toothpaste!

Tired of plastic toothpaste tubes and synthetic ingredients? Y-Brush launches its solid chewable toothpaste which is as effective as a classic toothpaste. With an organic mint flavor, it is taken just before brushing your teeth. It is packaged in a box of 125 chewable lozenges. This atypical toothpaste is 100% natural, fluoride-free and even made in France. For the start of the school year, this new product is at 19.99 € instead of 25 €.

Take advantage of the Y-Brush offer

It should be noted that it does not contain paraben or fluorine, and that the recyclable cardboard pot, the bio-compostable vegetable fiber lid, the vegetable fiber label.

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