Google adds a new option to work with Office files from Documents

Google is adding a new option that will make it easier to work with Office files from Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets.

A new dynamic that will allow you to work with linked Office files without leaving Google Drive.

New Google Drive option to work with Office files

Yes OK Google allows you to open Office files from Drive and work with them, even the integration system is limited. However, it is releasing an update that makes it easier to view embedded files within Microsoft Office files that we edit from Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.

As you can see in the image, when you link, for example, a PowerPoint within a Word file, you will see the corresponding icon appear. So when you get to that part of the document, you can click on the icon to preview the file from the same Google Drive interface. Or if you want, you can copy or download the linked file. All these actions can be done directly from Drive.

It is a practical dynamic, since it allows you to work entirely with Office files from Drive, without having to deal with the two tools or having files spread over different accounts. An advantage when working with users who prefer Microsoft Office, since we will not be forced to abandon Google Drive.

This new feature will be available for both personal accounts and those who are G Suite Basic, Business and Google Workspace customers, and will be rolled out to all of them over the next few weeks.

And this is not the only pending update for those who use Google services, as Calendar It is also implementing a new function that allows us to see how we spend our time, taking into account our appointments, meetings and other scheduled activities. An interesting dynamic that will help us to see how we distribute our time and if there is room for improvement.

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