Here is the first 200 MP smartphone photo sensor, and it is from Samsung

Samsung unveils an impressive 200 MP photo sensor. This should equip many high-end smartphones in 2022.

If the race for megapixels on the photo sensors of our smartphones seemed to have calmed down recently, it has started again. Samsung has just presented an impressive 200 MP smartphone photo sensor, l’ISOCELL HP1.

This sensor has the particularity of using photosites of only 0.64 µm, allowing it to capture shots of 200 MP. But since no one will actually use a smartphone to take photos meant to be displayed on a building, Samsung is once again making use of pixel binning – a technology that allows multiple pixels to be merged into one.

As a result, a camera equipped with the ISOCELL HP1 will be able to capture shots in 50 MP, but also in 12.5 MP if there is ever a lack of light, so as to artificially increase the size of the photosites and thus capture more light. . On the video side, having so many megapixels can also be an advantage to ensure that you can shoot in 8K.

Obviously, such an avalanche of megapixels will require a swift processor. If Samsung will logically integrate this sensor in future devices, the brand will also make it available to other manufacturers. We should find it on many high-end smartphones from next year.

Finally, the firm does not forget more modest smartphones, with a second sensor, the ISOCELL GN5, which relies on 50 MP. This sensor offers the same pixel binning technologies as its big brother and should be quite effective in low light. He too should land in 2022 on many devices.

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