How to better report a problem on WhatsApp with this new feature

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application of the moment, and therefore, one of the social platforms where more conflicts can occur. The application itself has a tool by which users can report any malicious behavior in the conversations in which they participate, although the truth is that the platform’s moderators need to better understand the situation that caused the reported discord.

In this regard, as they now point out from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is improving its reporting system. In previous beta versions for the Android platform, WhatsApp could collect a copy of the most recent messages, although they did not indicate to what extent.

With the arrival of beta version for Android, WhatsApp is more explicit stating that they will get a copy of the last five messages when reporting a malicious conversation, which will allow the moderation team to verify the problem and act accordingly.

Of course, the collection of the last five messages when reporting a malicious conversation will do so with the permission of the user who sends the report for review.

In this way, WhatsApp wants to have the necessary elements that allow it to establish a better evaluation of the situation in order to remedy the conflict that has motivated it.

As we say, it is the novelty introduced in the beta version of the Android application, being available to those who are part of the beta program for mobile phones Android and update the version to the most recent one, although over time, if there are no changes along the way, it will be able to reach the rest of WhatsApp users through a stable version.

In this way, in the face of more than possible new conflicts, users will have it even easier to be able to send reports in case of encountering unpleasant situations throughout the conversations in which they are present.

Moderation is a basic aspect of a messaging platform that has more than 2 billion users worldwide, and it is necessary to have a better view of the situation.

On the other hand, this beta version fixes an issue whereby the play icon was not visible with dark mode activated next to audio messages.

It is already a matter of new versions being launched until the improvements can reach the stable version, and at the hands of all users.

More information: WABetaInfo

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